About the Artist

My name is Karen Shields. A native of the Pacific Northwest, I live in the picturesque city of Poulsbo, Washington. Photography is a dream that started when I was very young. Pursuing that dream over the course of two careers while raising a family hasn’t been a smooth, dreamy sort of thing, but I’m now delighted to be able to share my visions of the natural world with you.

I have traveled extensively to every continent with some of my favorite moments right here in my backyard. My goal as a photographer is to create an image that captures an impactful moment in ways that are unique through careful composition, attention to detail, creative use of light and other techniques. My background in Environmental Studies helps me pull all the pieces together. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, all the research and scouting prove their worth. Guy Tal’s words resonate with me when he says, “I would not be a photographer today if photography were not the only medium I know of that allows me to create in the time and manner that fit the experiences I’m after” in his book More Than a Rock.

Thank you for your interest in my work. I hope you visit often as I build this website showcasing images captured over time. The perfection of a petal, a bubble, sunrise or sunset, a wave in the sun, a grand vista, a polar bear on ice . . . I’m drawn to it all and am happy to share.